6 Vital Skills for Freelancers 3

6 Vital Skills for Freelancers

6 Vital Skills for Freelancers

The working environment has changed drastically over the last few years – especially with the increase in technological advancements and digital communication. The workspace has become virtual allowing employees more flexibility and creating a demand for freelancers. With the office space evolving, so is its employees.

Due to the high demand for freelancers… it is imperative that as a freelancer you remain competitive and constantly seek to expand and upgrade your skills. The key to success here is adaptability and being able to remain ‘in-demand’. Following the trends of the 21st century, researchers are observing a demand for digital skills that can directly contribute to growing a client’s brand. Employers and clients recruit staff from all over the world based on the required skills that they need for specific project demands.

A recent report from Upwork shows that more than half of employees will work remotely in the next decade. Because the digital arena faces a shortage of skills, there is an increased focus on talent-based employment.

When applying for a position, hiring managers are looking for flexible talent. To stay in the game, you need to accept the challenges, develop and expand your expertise. At Gone Digital Academy, we recognise your potential for growth and can help you specialise through our certifications to keep you on track with trending talents for freelancers.

Here are the top 6 skills in demand for digital media freelancers in 2018:

6 Vital Skills for Freelancers 2
6 Vital Skills for Freelancers
6 Vital Skills for Freelancers 1
  1. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  2. Digital Marketing and Social Media – Create brand awareness, manage reputation and optimise business-user engagement on social media platforms using digital marketing tools.
  3. Website Optimisation – Almost all businesses have a website. This increases competition and the need for website development and search engine optimisation.
  4. Data Analysis – It’s applaudable to gain measurable results, but with more businesses looking to predict trends with analytics, there is a demand for people to understand, capture, sort, analyse and report on data.
  5. Performance Media Management – this is the ability to manage paid media campaigns.
  6. Content Creation and Marketing – In combination with written content, photography and Video has become incredibly relevant to marketing campaigns.

It is important to continue learning and developing relevant skills, especially with constant changes and developments in the media industry and in technology. For more on how the Gone Digital Academy can help click here.

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